Flashmob and Cuts Marketplace 19th Feb

Saturday 19th February

Join us at the Cuts Marketplace* at 10am on Saturday 19th February, on the stretch of road between Mansion House and Clock Corner in the town centre. We’ll have a stall alongside other vital public services that are facing devastating cuts. Make some signs using your own design or print off some of Phil Bradley’s excellent posters.

Then, come down to the Mansion House. At the stroke of midday, take part in the libraries flashmob – bring your favourite book / comic /poem / graphic novel / magazine article. At the signal, read out loud for three minutes – very loudly and very dramatically!

NB: Even though libraries have been given a reprieve, this is only temporary. It is important for us to continue to show how much we love and need our libraries – see this as a celebration of the progress that has been made so far, and a way of letting the council know that we will not accept closures at the end of the consultation period!

* Unions, campaigns and community groups all welcome to have a stand (contact Jim Board at Unison: 01302 320793)


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