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Update and Open Letter to Ed Vaizey

Save Doncaster Libraries is proud to add its signature to the Open Letter to Ed Vaizey, MP, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries. We (and thousands around the country) believe he is neglecting his responsibility to superintend the UK’s … Continue reading

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Parliamentary Select Committee to investigate library closures

Yesterday DMBC Cabinet confirmed that despite being aware of the inequalities to vulnerable and marginalised groups its strategy involves, and admitting (at the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee meeting last week) that it will result in a reduced standard of … Continue reading

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DMBC Must Take Equalities Duties Seriously

Many congratulations to our fellow campaigners in Somerset and Gloucestershire, who have won their Judicial Reviews. Voices for the Library report: Gloucestershire and Somerset library campaigners heard today that they have won their claim over library cuts and closures. The … Continue reading

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Overview and Scrutiny Notes

Many thanks to Gill Johnson for writing up her notes of last week’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting. (A shorter version is available here) The tone of the Overview and Scrutiny (O & S) Committee on 10th November to consider … Continue reading

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Doncaster: Not so Neet

The BBC has today reported that nearly a quarter of all 16-24 year-olds in Doncaster are not in education, employment or training. You can read the report by The Work Foundation here. Report author Neil Lee said high Neet levels … Continue reading

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The Eleventh Hour

An article in the Doncaster Free Press today reports the situation with Denaby and Carcroft libraries, which were scheduled for permanent closure on 1st November: Eleventh-hour bid to prevent library cuts Carcroft and Denaby remain open due to fairness concerns … Continue reading

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Overview & Scrutiny (Round Two), Mystery Volunteers and the Silent Death of our Library Service

We have a lot of news this week: The library review consultation outcome and plan has been called into Overview and Scrutiny by the Labour group for a second time. The committee will meet on 1oth November (documents will be … Continue reading

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Davies, You’re A Disgrace

Unsurprisingly, the proposals to close two libraries on 1st November and make 12 more community-run have been passed by the Cabinet. Save Doncaster Libraries continue to be disappointed in the council, who have failed the people of Doncaster in their … Continue reading

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Volunteer Your Time to Save Our Libraries

If you’ve got any time to spare on the morning of Wednesday 12th October, please join us outside the Mansion House in Doncaster before the Cabinet meeting, where we’ll be protesting the Mayor’s proposals to force communities to run their … Continue reading

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OY, Mayor Davies: there’s more to working in a library than stamping out books

Mayor Davies’ profound contempt for the entire library profession is appalling – his comment on local radio yesterday that it can’t be that hard to stamp out a few books demonstrates his total ignorance. He admits he doesn’t know what librarians … Continue reading

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