These are the documents that detail the cuts to the library service in Doncaster. The process and decisions are severely flawed. See here for reasons why.

  • These decisions were approved by Cabinet on 4th February 2011.
  • They were ‘called in’ by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, which will meet on 18th February 2011.
  • They are due to be discussed and passed or rejected by the full council meeting on 21st February 2011.

Download Library Strategy

Download Future Service Delivery Model

Download Proposed Structure

Download Library Review Report

Download Library Branch Scoresheet

Note: A Freedom of Information request was made to see the amended version of this spreadsheet to which the Mayor referred in the Bawtry meeting. This either never existed, or was not released to us:

“The previous library review papers including the criteria were pulled from the 12th January
2011 cabinet meeting for further consultation with elected members.

The outcome of this further consultation with cabinet and elected members was that no-
one was happy with the criteria or scores unless a Council-run library was to remain in an
area. Therefore it was decided that due to the spread of the borough and the current locations, the geographic location had to be the primary consideration although the usage,
condition of building and community need still needed to underpin the outcome. “


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