This is a blog for Save Doncaster Libraries, a campaign set up at the beginning of 2010 to challenge the proposed closures of branches of the Doncaster Libraries and Information Service, and disproportionate cuts to the library budget including stock, staff and facilities.

We believe:

  • Libraries are a vital part of Doncaster communities
  • The closure of library branches is counterproductive to the aims of Doncaster Council and harmful to the communities they are in
  • Doncaster residents deserve and need improved library services rather than reduced services
  • The council has failed in its legal duty to consult with the citizens of Doncaster
  • The proposals made will result in DMBC’s failure to provide a comprehensive and efficient library service

We are working hard to prevent the proposed closures, but we can’t do it without you. This blog has been set up to keep you up to date with the situation, let you know about upcoming events and what you can do to help. Please join the campaign!


3 Responses to About

  1. Jackie says:

    Any Bawtry supporters are most welcome to meet outside the New Hall at 5.45pm Tuesday 24th Jan – Bawtry Councillors are meeting with DMBC. Lets make our protest seen.

  2. Jackie says:

    Sorry only just seen your query. Yes, 25.th Tuesday.

    29th January 11am supporters welcome to meet at Bawtry Library – the more, the better!
    Many of us are then joining the Waterdale Read In in the afternoon.

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