The rumours – are not as bad as the actual proposal!!!

Here, copied and pasted exactly, is the element of the Mayor’s Budget Proposal that pertains to the Libraries.  Read it and weep.

5. Libraries, Museums and Archives – £0.8m

As a minimum, we must deliver:

 A ‘comprehensive and efficient’ library service that meets local needs within the context of available resources in a way which is appropriate to the identified needs of the communities they serve.

 Some kind of reasonable archive facility accessible to the residents of Doncaster.

The savings will be delivered by:

 The Libraries, Museums & Archives services have moved from Finance & Corporate Services directorate to Adults & Communities and will be merged. Posts will be removed as a result of the merger delivering £0.25m savings as follows:

o merging management posts across the services

o rescheduling opening times to better meet customer needs and subsequent reduction in front of house posts

o rescheduling of opening times to better meet customer demands and

o shared resource staffing across Library and Museum services

o consolidation of Archivist posts to provide a borough-wide Archivist

o Relocating and joining up the Central Library‟s Local Studies department and the reading room at the Archives site in Balby into the Doncaster Museum site on Chequer Road, ensuring all these services which focus on Doncaster‟s history and heritage work from one location, meaning only one journey for the customer to make use of resources from all 3 services.

  Implementing a new libraries service delivery model which will achieve savings of £0.6m. The proposed service delivery model will consist of:

o a Central Library facility in the town centre

o a further core 4 Council-run libraries based around service hubs in local communities

o all remaining libraries community-run where there is the community capacity and appetite to do so

o This will mean a further possible 8 community managed libraries in addition to the 12 already in place across the borough. There is the potential for community managed libraries in these locations: Askern, Armthorpe, Bentley, Cantley, Conisbrough, Hatfield, Tickhill and Woodlands.

 The Council remains committed to ensuring that there is still well stocked and well-resourced provision in these locations, a book reservation service, free computer and internet access, information services, and children‟s library stock and services. In the event of no community group coming forward to run the facilities, alternatives will be sought to ensure a continued provision in these areas, including the potential for using other venues, reduced opening hours, outreach and other creative provision.

 The council will continue to explore options to be more efficient in our use of buildings, for example by looking at all buildings available in the community, looking to share buildings with other Council or partner organisations, by moving libraries into other buildings or bringing new partners in. This has already taken place in a number of locations where a library has worked in a successful partnership with a school (e.g. Wheatley Community Library) or St Leger Homes of Doncaster (e.g. Mexborough Library). This will include buildings being used more efficiently through a merger of the Cantley and Bessacarr sites using an existing community centre venue and reviewing options with schools.

 Proposals to cease the mobile libraries delivering an additional £130k saving in 2014/15. The current service which costs £130k to run, reaching 630 repeat customers, is not delivering value for money and there are other methods to reach customers. The Home Library Service is also expensive to run, and greater use of volunteers to support this service will be explored in future. A future library strategy for 2015 onwards will look to increase innovative ways of bringing books and reading to the public in Doncaster, including investigating direct delivery to residents‟ homes on request – a click and deliver service, options for tablets and e-readers, library access points at new and different locations and integrating the Home Library Service for housebound readers with priorities from the adult social care agenda.


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