Reason to stay cheerful… Appeal Granted!!!

The temptation to jump around with giddy excitement here at Save Doncaster Libraries is being tempered with the reality that this is a battle won…

Below is the Press Release from our Lawyers, Public Interest Lawyers, released yesterday.  This details the fantastic news that our determined campaigner, Carol Buck, has continued in her fight for justice (Did we say 2-Tier…), and has been granted leave to appeal the travesty that saw the campaign lose the initial Judicial Review into the decimation of Doncaster’s Public Library Service.

Legal Challenge to Doncaster Mayor’s Decision to Reduce Library Funding wins Permission to Appeal

In a hearing in London today, the Court of Appeal granted Doncaster resident Carol Buck the right to appeal a High Court judgment of August 2012 in a case seeking to prevent the Mayor of Doncaster from going ahead with swingeing cuts to library services in the area. The decision means that a full appeal hearing will now take place in the Court of Appeal before June this year.

The Claimant will be asking for this hearing to take place as soon as possible, so that the important question of the balance of power between the Mayor and the elected Council in vital areas such as cuts to local libraries can be clarified.

At the hearing, the Court of Appeal agreed that all of the appeal points raised by the Claimant should be considered at a full hearing before a three judge Court of Appeal, including:

– The powers of a democratically elected Council to propose reasonable binding amendments to the Council’s annual financial strategy;
– Whether the budget constitutes a Council ‘strategy’ which the Mayor is required to follow.

If the Claimant is successful in her appeal, the Court of Appeal will have the power to quash the Mayor’s decision thus restoring the previous council-funded library services while the Council and Mayor reconsiders the financial strategy.

The Court of Appeal’s decision today comes amid growing uncertainty over the future of publicly funded services in Doncaster and across the UK as a whole. Where local services are being lost, it is vital that voters know the extent of the powers of their elected representatives so that those same representatives can be held accountable for their decisions.

Speaking today, Carol Buck, said as follows:

“I am very pleased that we have been given permission to appeal by the Court of Appeal. I am only sad that the Mayor has ignored local protests and failed to resource the libraries in the way the Council intended.”

Daniel Carey of Public Interest Lawyers said as follows:

“I am pleased that the Court of Appeal has recognised the importance of the issues in this case and the validity of our legal arguments. The democratic mandate of the Mayor does not extend to trampling the democratic mandate of the full Council when it has specifically provided for the funding of highly valued services such as Doncaster’s libraries.”

For further information, contact: Public Interest Lawyers

Have the closures/move into the voluntary sector libraries affected you?  This blogger has personally been unable to visit a library ever since, due to the few opening hours of her now seldom open and in a hut local branch, and all others being a car drive away and unable to be accessed within non-working hours.  If you have been affected we would LOVE to hear from you.

Media articles:-

Hope in Library Closure Battle *edit* the closed libraries are Carcroft and Denaby, NOT Skellow as stated in the article.  Identical article under Doncaster Free Press banner and on The Epworth Belles website.

Court of Appeal agrees to hear Doncaster Libraries Case.

Glimmer of hope for Denaby’s old library.

Legal Challenge to Doncaster Mayor’s Decision to Reduce Funding wins Permission to Appeal.

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7 Responses to Reason to stay cheerful… Appeal Granted!!!

  1. Fantastic news! Fingers crossed for a successful outcome.

  2. Chibi says:

    The volunteers are doing an excellent job at Balby keeping it going at the moment. My point is they are doing a JOB and they should be PAID for it. I hope the review goes in your favour as the whole process of the mayor was flawed and unfair.

  3. Chibi says:

    What I have noticed though at Balby is a large decrease in the books available in the childrens section.

  4. Donna Lewis says:

    How will the Mayoral elections in May affect this? If Davies loses (surely the people of Doncaster cannot make the same mistake again) will the money that has been put to one side to be used for the libraries become available again?

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