Judicial Review – Judgement reserved.

BBC News OnlineBBC Look North, BBC Radio Sheffield Bigger at Breakfast, Yorkshire Post and many more media outlets have covered the Judicial Review that took place at Leeds Combined Court yesterday, 24th July 2012. Campaign members were present to support Carol and the Public Interest Lawyers in this legal argument.  The Judgement has been reserved until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.  We can only hope Justice prevails.

Media have been contacting us asking about the realities of the Volunteer libraries.  The public face of these is one of success, although our post detailing the change of hours reveals a worrying trend towards a 2-tier service with no winners.  We cannot answer these questions as the public face of the service is one of positive spin; however at least 4 of the community libraries (including those deemed the most successful) have privately spoken to us with concerns such as those regarding Volunteer committment, training inadequacies, legal ramifications for which no advice is forthcoming despite requests (ditto financial, management and similar).  If there are any volunteers willing to come forward with details, you can be anonymous, please contact Save Doncaster Libraries using the options listed on this page.

We still need to fundraise to support our legal fight – significant amounts or pocket change are welcomed, so please support us in this.  Donations are welcomed in different ways, you could simply pass cash to a member of the campaign who will ensure it gets to our Treasurer John Sheppard. You could log in to your own paypal account and send funds directly to our campaign using the email address johnshep50@talktalk.net or you could contact John directly to request an address to where you could send a cheque (payable to ‘Save Our Libraries’), either by email or telephone on 07951382703.


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