Mood Low…

Well…  65% of the 30.57% of Doncaster people who voted in the May 3rd elections have chosen to continue with the Mayoral System.  Whether this be a re-election of the current incumbent or another person it still means power in the hands of one person and as few as 2 people in a Cabinet.  Our arguments against the system and the disastrous actions of the Mayor in terms of Doncaster’s Libraries are well documented in previous posts…

Sadly it seems our fears are to be proven correct.  We have learnt that of the 25 original volunteers in Rossington Library, only 10 remain, a mere 3 months after re-opening as a ‘Community-run’ Library.  Reasons are unknown but perhaps the vounteers realised the magnitude and responsibilities required of them, and recognised this to be the remit of paid, trained, experienced and qualified Council employees.  We have not been informed of the situations within any other library and can only hope this is not replicated.  Not only are we left with a 2-tier system but our original suspicions, as we warned many, many months ago, are being realised with the stealthy closing and/or reducing of service in those Libraries the Cabinet and Mayor deemed unnecessary.  How they believe Doncaster can now fulfill its statutory requirement regarding provision of a comprehensive and efficient library service to those who live, work and are educated in the widely located boroughs of Doncaster is unfathomable.

We may be quiet, but we have not stopped. There is still time to donate and force the Mayor to reverse this travesty.  Please help us to match the Legal Aid funding granted to our campaign regarding a Judicial Review, which continues making its course.  Donations are welcomed in different ways, you could simply pass cash to a member of the campaign who will ensure it gets to our Treasurer John Sheppard. You could log in to your own paypal account and send funds directly to our campaign using the email address or you could contact John directly to request an address to where you could send a cheque (payable to ‘Save Our Libraries’), either by email or telephone on 07951382703.  Please, Please, PLEASE support us by sharing this information as widely as possible.


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3 Responses to Mood Low…

  1. tinapj says:

    Being a cynical old thing, I am absolutely positive this was already known by the councillors/mayor, and the fact that volunteers are dropping like flies means that they can now justify full closure of libraries by saying that it is the fault and will of the people as they did not volunteer so clearly don’t want or need the library. It’s utter rubbish, and vile obfuscation, but that is what they will say.

  2. Chris says:

    The volunteer numbers situation was always going to happen. It’s the nature of the beast. Sadly.
    I doubt that Wheatley Community Library will be lasting long. After hearing some negative comments about it from someone ‘in the know’ I’ve just checked the opening times – Tues 2-5; Thurs/Fri 9-1. So nice to know that children are not to be encouraged, in that they only get one day a week to access the library during term time.

  3. Denise Keenan says:

    i saw this and thought of the campaign, well worth a watch, clever! shame noone thought of this before some libraries closed down south

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