May 3rd – did you have your say?

Save Doncaster Libraries has been hearing worrying reports of people not receiving their polling cards, and even worse being turned away from polling stations when they arrive to exercise their right to vote, for the most tenuous of reasons.  Who knows how this will affect the results?  We urge anyone who has been treated so shabbily by the Council to contact us (email details are on the right) so we can compile a document to submit.  We cannot allow the Council to disable Doncaster Residents right to have their say in how they are run – and in such an important local election.

Save Doncaster Libraries campaigners have voted.  We have done our bit to try and rid the Council of its current dictatorial leadership model.  We cannot EVER enable one person to have such power as Mr Davies has, and risk the well-being of Doncaster resting on the whims if one such inept person.  Davies has systematically ignored petitions, protests, Overview and Scrutiny Committee call-ins, an amendment placed that would have minimised the damage… and has now forced campaigners along the route of a judicial review.  Has he been made aware, by his equally incompetent Cabinet, of the severe loss in the High Court of Surrey County Councils attempt to destroy their library service in a very similar manner (also reported by BBC News – ‘Surrey Library Volunteer decision ruled unlawful by High Court’)?  Is he so blithely unempathetic and uncaring that in these times of severe hardship and the leading of Doncaster Council employees into poverty through cuts to terms and conditions or redundancy (they could always volunteer to work their old roles, this seems to be the Mayoral and Cabinet thinking, how nice for someone on a Mayoral wage cut only so he could keep his teaching pension that was awarded before the current cuts to that provision are enforced!), that he is willing to spend more Council money in Court defending the indefensible?  It seems he is.

We can only hope that the Voters of Doncaster (those who were able) have shown their contempt for the man and the leadership model at yesterday’s polls.


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3 Responses to May 3rd – did you have your say?

  1. S Johnson says:

    I also “did my bit” and voted but, as in the rest of the country, less than 1/3 will turn out because there is no valid choice. Our present Mayor or the old boys, out of touch, Labour Councillors who nobody trusts to run Doncaster or independents who usually are one issue loonies. Give us a genuine choice of GOOD candidates and many more will vote.

  2. Penske666 says:

    61% vote to keep the mayor !!!!!!

  3. Tel-X says:

    There has been electoral fraud in Doncaster. I’ve checked today and I know of at least ten of my immediate friends and family who did not receive polling cards, nor were aware that they could vote without them. I will be contacting Ed Milliband M.P. and the Electoral Commission because this needs to be re-run, and also I will be calling for the dismissal of Mr.Tony Machin (Electoral Services Manager at Doncaster Council) who is obviously not fit to hold the post for which he is well paid.

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