Mayor shows his true colours

If there was any lingering doubt regarding the Mayor’s contempt for Doncaster’s Public Library Service and his determination to destroy it, these articles surely rid that once and for all. 

Mayor defends decision to veto £380,000 libraries investment

Mayor of Doncaster refuses to reopen libraries

Mr Davies clearly has no understanding of the concept of volunteer – this is a role that supports and enhances a service, not one that should take on all the responsibilities and pressures that belong to a paid service.  £380,000 would have ensured a paid member of staff in situ in ALL 14 threatened branches, supporting the volunteers and providing a professional service to users.  The paid member of staff would be able to go the extra mile that volunteers, with the best will, would be unable to do so, and would be an invaluable link to the library service as a whole.  This small amount of money would have enabled the communities of Denaby and Carcroft to have back their libraries, and for the other 12 threatened libraries to remain open and viable.  As it stands Doncaster will lose far more than it gains and the Mayor will simply gloat that those communities, who are not of an infrastructure to support volunteer-maintained libraries, just did not want them.

Save Doncaster Libraries continues to fight on.  For 2 years now we have attempted to make the man see sense.  We are now having to take legal action.  Help us to match the Legal Aid funding granted to our campaign regarding a Judicial Review, which continues making its course.  Donations are welcomed in different ways, you could simply pass cash to a member of the campaign who will ensure it gets to our Treasurer John Sheppard. You could log in to your own paypal account and send funds directly to our campaign using the email address or you could contact John directly to request an address to where you could send a cheque (payable to ‘Save Our Libraries’), either by email or telephone on 07951382703.



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6 Responses to Mayor shows his true colours

  1. tinapj says:

    And by ‘gloat’ you mean ‘lie through his tiny, ignorant, pig-headed, oppressive little a-hole’, I presume?

  2. Shirley Burnham says:

    Could you please explain whether, when it was decided in Doncaster that having an elected mayor was a a good thing , the scope of the mayoral powers was made clear to everyone. To your knowledge, did the role expressly include powers of veto over decisions made in the council chamber ?
    Please publish a link to the instrument that lays down the duties of the office – so that others who may be considering such an appointment can duly inform themselves. It would be most helpful if you could post the link on Twitter @shirleyburnham, so that it can be circulated.
    Many thanks.

    • Lauren says:

      A referendum was held in 2001, results are below:

      Yes votes: 35,453
      Yes vote %: 65
      No votes: 19,398
      No vote %: 35
      Turnout %: 25

      As you can see, the turnout was shockingly low. I don’t know how much information was made available to the public and what the levels of political engagement in Doncaster were at the time, but it’s a serious issue now and I imagine it was the similar a decade ago.

      Having searched the Doncaster council website high and low, it doesn’t seem there is an instrument that lays down the duties of the office available online.

      • Shirley Burnham says:

        Many thanks for replying.

        If the council cannot provide access to the information voluntarily, perhaps they might respond to an FoI request. Without any knowledge of what powers are vested in the mayor, it will never be possible to assess whether a mayor’s conduct conforms with what has been decreed and whether he is accountable to anyone except himself. The matter has broader implications, too : as this government is keen on us having ‘elected police commissioners’, but has not said how these will be made accountable either.

  3. Lauren says:

    Oh, I’ve found a bit of information. Here’s a link to the constitution which sets out how the council operates:

  4. LynneGAL says:

    Doncaster Free Press are starting to show their full support for the Mayor. Article today (page 10 – link not yet up) which, in fairness, includes a comment by SDL campaigner Doug Wright and a contact number for John Sheppard and the fundraising. celebrates the volunteer libraries and gives the false impression all the branches are ready to run and fully staffed with volunteers. I received a telephone call yesterday asking for the contact details of Rossington’s volunteers, which of course I don’t have! So although the article states they’re up and running, for some reason they cannot be contacted (er… if the branch is up and running surely just go in and see them??? Hmmm…???). They plan to run a feature on all the community libraries, they were a bit shocked when I pointed out very few will run, and that Wheatley has had only 5 volunteers, Moorends none and no dates for transfer have been set for all! Note also, the Mayor says he will only consider re-opening Denaby and Carcroft *IF* a full posse of volunteers asks him. *Sigh* to the stupidity of the man.

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