We need your money!!! And further information regarding DMBCs true efforts.

As we have said previously, we are making all manner of effort to match the Legal Aid funding granted to our campaign regarding a Judicial Review, which continues making its course.  Donations are welcomed in different ways, you could simply pass cash to a member of the campaign who will ensure it gets to our Treasurer John Sheppard. You could log in to your own paypal account and send funds directly to our campaign using the email address johnshep50@talktalk.net or you could contact John directly to request an address to where you could send a cheque (payable to ‘Save Our Libraries’), either by email or telephone on 07951382703.

Information has been passed to us, regarding the efforts of one Parish Council in Doncaster who are attempting to ensure their local library does not close, despite the best efforts of the Council to make this so.

Edenthorpe Parish Council attempting to staff their library with volunteers.

Whilst taking issue that members of public may have no interest in the library (we have talked before regarding marketing, making relevant, historic insufficient funding etc etc) the points of interest are the issues surrounding a premises which is rented, not owned (a problem Sprotborough Council have also encountered) – premises for a library are not a guarantee therefore how can a voluntary group take over what is not available? Edenthorpe are also realistic in their estimation regarding number of volunteers needed.  As they state Bawtry have over 70, this is close to sufficient it seems, Edenthorpe has thus far a generous estimate of one quarter of this, another threatened branch (Wheatley) has had merely 5 people come forward.  No doubt the Mayor will see this as proof of a community not wanting its library, in fact it is proof of what we at SDL have been saying all along – the majority of communities within Doncaster do not have the infrastructure to enable a library staffed by volunteers.  We regret that Edenthorpe Parish Council has had to resort to such measures and despair at its acceptance that such change as that being foisted upon its library is a necessity, but SDL wholeheartedly sympathises with their plight and the situation into which they, and 13 other branches have been forced.

Finally – a reminder of why we keep this fight going.

This is why we fight for libraries, for our future. This is the genuinely independent opinion of one of Doncasters younger library users.

Please help us and donate anything you are able to.  Thank you.


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