Latest news from the SDL HQ

Well, things are getting interesting here at SDL towers.  Perhaps the most important news is that we are considering and consulting regarding legal action.  The Council, led by the Mayor and his Cabinet, have proven so inept and unable to consult regarding changes in a proper, fit and statutorily required manner that it seems we may have a very good case for a judicial review.  Watch this space.

Speaking of the Mayor – there will be a referendum regarding the Mayoral position as it stands in Doncaster, on May 3rd, within the local elections process (to save costs).  Despite his manifesto promise to hold such a referendum he is now saying he believes this to be a waste of money and that the residents of Doncaster clearly want him in post.  Newsflash Mr D, no, the majority do NOT want you.  His mis-leading of the entire Libraries debacle is only one example of his ineptness, and in the interests of fairness we have tried very hard to find a positive outcome from any of the Mayor’s ideas and initiatives but have failed, and we can only encourage Doncaster voters to remember this come the May 3rd vote – and kick the man and any potential future Dictator Mayor out of consideration.

Goodbye Mayor D

Goodbye to Mayor Davies from all at SDL

The DCMS Library Closures Commission is now well underway and the content of all submissions is available for viewing (herein linked). Three individual members of SDL past and present submitted, all prior to the council itself submitting.  We thank Gill Johnson, Lauren Smith and Lynne Coppendale for taking the time and effort to do so, and view the DMBC effort with wry interest.  The result of the commission, which is currently listening to evidence from select persons and groups, will be one to watch and will hopefully have a positive outcome for Public Libraries nationally.

Finally, with some regret but with a genuine desire to assist all of Doncaster’s Libraries in remaining open, we publish the website of the Sprotborough Community Library.  Whilst no-one is happy, and all are concerned, at DMBC’s forcing of Doncaster residents to take over libraries as volunteers (with minimal support or funding) or see them close, we publish this as we are fully aware that if sufficient volunteers are not found, the libraries forced into this position will close, and then when the Council see the folly and error of their ways there will be no way back to a full, ‘comprehensive and efficient’ service.


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