Davies, You’re A Disgrace

Unsurprisingly, the proposals to close two libraries on 1st November and make 12 more community-run have been passed by the Cabinet.

Save Doncaster Libraries continue to be disappointed in the council, who have failed the people of Doncaster in their shambolic approach to changes to the library service. The Mayor has flatly refused to listen to solutions offered by the Labour group and has failed to investigate alternative methods of keeping libraries open. Instead, he has jumped at the massively problematic volunteer method.

See here for details about why volunteer-run libraries are not the solution.

We await the outcomes of the judicial reviews for Brent (expected tomorrow), Somerset and Gloucestershire (expected in the next couple of weeks) – they will inform future library policy, and if the Judges make it clear that the processes and policies employed by these councils were flawed and should be scrapped, Doncaster should take heed. The whole process has been a mess and has systematically failed to consider the needs and views of Doncaster residents.

The council has proven itself incapable of effective consultation and unable to meet the needs of its citizens. Mayor Davies has demonstrated total ignorance ever since the library cuts proposals began. These decisions are a disgrace to our town, undermine any supposed Mayoral priorities to improve standards of education and living, and yet again make a mockery of Doncaster and its undemocratic, dysfunctional council.

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One Response to Davies, You’re A Disgrace

  1. Tig says:

    Mayor Davies Said ‘….. that would leave the council to focus its resources on 12 “super-libraries”.

    Fantastic…….. we has 26 super libraries before

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