Cllr Kevin Rodgers Warns Mayor About Judicial Review

Councillor Kevin Rodgers was interviewed by BBC Radio Sheffield on Thursday 21st July.

You can listen to the interview here.

The Mayor of Doncaster Peter Davies is being urged to put a decision on whether to shut 14 libraries on hold, until a judicial review of libraries in Gloucestershire is completed. The decision in Doncaster has been delayed until next year, but Labour councillors say it should be put on hold until the outcome of the Gloucestershire court case. Labour Councillor Kevin Rodgers says the case could have a wider impact:

“We don’t want to see the council being taken to court, because financially like all councils around the country, we don’t have great vast amounts of resources and we can’t really afford to be fighting a court case when we could just sensibly review the decision.”

An article from The Star also covers councillors’ concerns over the Mayor’s decisions:

Councillors have promised to fight to save Doncaster’s threatened libraries after a legal victory by campaigners fighting similar closures 150 miles away.

A total of 14 branch libraries across the borough are set to be axed because of cuts rubber-stamped by elected mayor Peter Davies.

Pressure from campaigners, supported by opposition councillors and Doncaster MPs, forced the Mayor to delay the planned closures by 12 months and offer voluntary groups the chance to run them.

Now he is being urged to “put on hold” the closure plans until the outcome of a judicial review into the closure of libraries in Gloucestershire, due in September, becomes clear.

Great North Road ward councillor Kevin Rodgers said: “In view of the High Court’s decision to grant a judicial review the council should put on hold any transfer of library buildings, stock or services.

“In these austere times Doncaster Council can ill afford a judicial review either financially or in the interests of its reputation.”

Mr Davies decided to close more than half of the borough’s 26 libraries in February. The decision was taken despite a petition signed by 14,000 people opposed to the plans and demonstrations outside the Mansion House and some of the under-threat branches.

Doncaster’s Labour leader Sandra Holland said: “Closing 14 libraries will have a deep impact on the quality of life of local people.

“I and my colleagues will fight these unnecessary and undesirable cuts every step of the way.”

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6 Responses to Cllr Kevin Rodgers Warns Mayor About Judicial Review

  1. NeilM says:

    A Mayor with more common sense and intelligence than the Leader of Gloucestershire County Council, who is obsessed with political dogma.

  2. Lauren says:

    I think they’re on a pretty similar level…

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  4. Jim O'Neil says:

    We will fight them on the beaches, we will fight them in the hills, we shall never…ah, oh, did someone already say that? FIGHT all the way for OUR libraries. Is there a fighting fund? Is one needed?

    • Lauren says:

      At the moment there’s not so much a fighting fund as a photocopying fund for flyers! The current situation is such that there’s no need to hold read-ins again (yet), so there’s not too much need for printed information. But, should it come to it, we’ll be applying for legal aid to support us with a legal challenge, and may well need some extra financial support. We’ll be publicising this loudly all over the place, so keep your eye out.

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