Ed Miliband to visit Doncaster Libraries

Reported in the Doncaster Star this morning:

Next month Ed Miliband will make a personal appearance alongside campaigners who are not giving up the battle to save 14 Doncaster libraries from the budget cutbacks.

The Doncaster North MP is visiting Sprotbrough Library, in Sprotborough Road, on Saturday July 9, from 10.15am, which is one of the branches facing the axe because of cuts imposed by the Coalition Government.

But Mr Miliband believes libraries “are at the heart of Doncaster’s communities” and has previously spoken out in support of the Save Doncaster Libraries campaign.

Now he will meet SDL campaigners in person to hear their concerns.

He said: “I’m very happy to add my support to keep the libraries open. They are an essential part of the community here in Doncaster and play a vital role in ensuring access to reading and learning.”

Read the full article here.

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2 Responses to Ed Miliband to visit Doncaster Libraries

  1. NeilM says:

    One hopes it will not just be another political photo-opportunity for an ambitious politician.

  2. Lauren says:

    Indeed; I’d very much like to hear Ed challenge the council’s demands for communities to run libraries themselves – they simply don’t have the skill or capacity to run a service that in order to meet the needs of communities (and be legally compliant) needs to be run by councils, professionally. I’d also like to hear him oppose the sheer scale of the cuts – 14 out of 26 branches to be taken out of council control is just crazy and demonstrates exactly how out of touch the Mayor is, particularly as there’s been such large scale and fierce opposition to his plans.

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