Doncaster Libraries in Parliament Paper

The situation in Doncaster is detailed in a Parliamentary Briefing Paper dated February 2011. The paper “summarises the background to library closure proposals, including the statutory duties of local authorities and the Secretary of State in respect of public library services. It also looks at relevant recent initiatives in the public libraries sector.”

Doncaster is mentioned under 1.2: Local authority proposals: examples and comment:

“Doncaster – Closure of 14 out of 26 libraries recently confirmed by the Council, “despite a huge campaign by people opposing the cuts.” (Go-ahead to close 14 of 26 libraries in Doncaster, BBC website [on 17 Feb 2011])”

It is also mentioned in 2: The public and professions’ response to library closures:

“In January 2011, CILIP’s Update reported that, as it went to press, “at least three groups were planning to bring a legal challenge, sharing tactics and a pro bono lawyer.”30 The Independent on Sunday claimed the same month that:
Library users in Oxfordshire, Lewisham, Doncaster, Somerset and Gloucestershire are among those who have sought legal advice about challenging local closures of about 50 percent, which they say will make it impossible for councils to provide “comprehensive”, “efficient” and “improving” library services required under the 1964 Public Libraries and Museums Act. The Local Government Association said councils were being impeded by the “badly outdated” legislation which was drawn up before the arrival of the internet. (“Overdue! The fight to save our libraries begins”, Independent on Sunday, 16 January 2011)”

It is important to note that the information about Doncaster’s library branches included in the appendix is inaccurate; there are only 26 libraries in the borough, not 27 as listed.

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