Meaningful Consultation?

We have received information through an FOI request that Doncaster Council invested a mighty £474 in the consultation process it used to inform the decisions it has taken to stop funding (i.e. grant a death sentence to) 14 out of its 26 libraries.

Only 2,000 questionnaires were printed. No distribution costs were incurred because the questionnaires were only placed in libraries, apparently some other council buildings and given out by some council workers in the community. An online version of the questionnaire was buried deep on the council website, impossible to search for and not well publicised. Only 2,726 people responded to the consultation (less than 1% of the population), because the council made it almost impossible for the citizens of Doncaster to participate. This is simply unacceptable.

The complete failure to involve the people of Doncaster is further suggestion that DMBC is in dire need of library leadership and that the next round of consultation must be infinitely more planned, effective and meaningful in order for the council to comply with its legal duties.

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2 Responses to Meaningful Consultation?

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  2. Neil Mac says:

    It has been apparent for some years now that so-called public consultations are nothing more than a cynical charade by the authorities. This disgraceful behaviour in Doncaster really does plumbs new depths, and treats the public with contempt. Surely such disgraceful and devious behaviour ought to be challenged in the courts?

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