Naming and Shaming Library Cutters

These are the two councillors running for re-election in the forthcoming local elections who voted for library cuts and closures despite being explicitly ordered not to by their party whip. If you want to save your libraries, you know what (not) to do.

Name: Cynthia Ransome
Party: Conservative
Ward: Sprotbrough
Position: Portfolio Holder for Libraries

Name: Patricia Schofield
Party: Conservative
Ward: Finningley
Position: Deputy Mayor

If you want to make sure that your vote is one that will be used to support libraries, you should ask candidates the following questions:

1. What will you do to challenge the cuts and closures?

2. What are your plans for libraries in the future?

3. Will you improve the quality of service and reintroduce specialists?

Specialists include children’s librarians, local studies librarians, reader development staff and information specialists.

4. Will you at least maintain, if not extend, opening hours?

5. Will you ensure that the schools library service is kept?

There are more resources on CILIP’s Vote Local, Vote Libraries page. There is also information on the Voices for the Library site.

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