Petition Outcome at Full Council Meeting

A report from campaign member Gill Johnson about yesterday’s full Council meeting:

“Yesterday was full Council and the results of our petition were discussed briefly. John Sheppard made a very creditable 5 minute statement (the maximum time allowed) in support of the public response. No new points were made by Council. Mayor Davies repeated his statement that no libraries would close, rather the service in certain areas would be delivered in a different way. He said that the consultation with the relevant communities will begin after the May elections but that the process had already started in some places where there had been discussions with prospective ‘partners’ such as town/parish councils, schools etc. He was still open to suggestions for other ways to make the same amount of savings but none had yet been put forward. He finished by saying that he believes it is a small price, although an unfortunate one, to pay to make the overall budget savings. Councillor Kevin Rodgers (Labour) replied that the petition results demonstrated the strength of feeling in the Borough and that the Executive should keep the heart of the service intact, i.e. local libraries with paid staff, run and funded by DMBC. The debate’s conclusion was to endorse the decision taken by the Overview & Scrutiny Management Committee (OSMC) to refer the decision back to the Executive for further consideration following full public consultation.”

The issue of library services will be on the Agenda at the next Cabinet meeting on 23rd March and public comments will be allowed.

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