Petition Scheme – Democracy or Farce?

This morning we received acknowledgement from Democratic Services who have acknowledged receipt of the petition against library cuts and closures. However, despite it being handed in on 4th February, it has not yet been processed.

We have been given a date of 9th March for a public debate (subject to confirmation).

By then, the decisions about library closures, staff redundancies, reduction of the archives and school library services, relocation of resources into a building that is not fit for purpose and not large enough, and all the other poorly planned ideas, will have been implemented. It will be too late for the public to have any sway in the decisions that will have already completely devastated an already failing library service.

For months, Save Doncaster Libraries have fought for the people of Doncaster to have their voices heard and their needs and rights taken into account by the council. We fear the council has no interest in this. A tokenistic discussion after the deeds have been done is yet another manifestation of Doncaster Council’s continued failure to function.

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