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It was an amazing day for libraries in the media yesterday! Here’s some of the coverage of Doncaster over the past few days:

The Mayor keeps insisting it’s over – the decision has been made. It’s not! The library cuts have to be approved at the council meeting to be held at 10am on 21st February. We must continue to make our voices heard. Councillors are concerned about their votes – we must continue to lobby them. We know that Councillor Cynthia Ransome, portfolio holder for libraries, hopes to be re-elected. How will her decision to destroy the public library service affect her performance? We have the ability, through lobbying every council meeting, every councillor and every MP, to change the minds of those we elected to represent our needs and views. 14,500 of us have already expressed opposition to the cuts to library services and the way the council propose to implement them. We need to keep telling the council that whay they are doing is abhorrent and completely short-sighted. We also need to make it known loudly and clearly that it is not a case of old people’s homes OR libraries, as the Mayor keeps insisting. There is money available to save the library service and money can be saved in ways which do not affect front-line services, and we must continue to put pressure on the council to reassess the unfair and unjustifiable cuts to library services.

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8 Responses to Media Roundup

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  2. Kelly says:

    The mayor should be reminded that closing libraries in a recession(or any rough economic time) is like closing hospitals during a plague.
    More people use libraries in a recession than any other time. Gate counts shoot through the roof because people can’t afford to buy movies, CD’s, books, magazines, and newspapers anymore. The internet is in demand because it’s one of the first ‘extras’ to go in the home during a budget crunch. A library is a community center, a job hunting site(because there’s help there to navigate sites), a library, a meeting hall, and an educational resource.
    I know one public library in my state that even has a coupon swap and food donation sites.
    “Librarians are all-knowing and all-seeing. They bring order to chaos. They bring wisdom and culture to the masses. They preserve every aspect of human knowledge. Librarians rule.”

  3. Dave Cook says:

    Is anything planned for the meeting on the 21st? A good sized “non-aggressive” crowd outside would certainly remind these councellors what they are deciding.

    I still can’t understand why Bawtry is on the closures list – unless it suddenly reopens as an “express” supermarket a few weeks later!!!

    • Jackie says:

      Nor can I – we asked the Mayor last Wednesday – unfortunately he couldn’t seem to give us a reason – at least not one that made much sense to us!

  4. Lauren says:

    Watch this space Dave! We have plans.

    It’s not over.

  5. Steve says:

    The most important reason for keeping our libraries is to ensure ever improving literacy for the town so that we eventually come to the point where we stop electing the worlds most stupid and incompetent mayor and councillors. Years of being dragged down by the decisions of these people ( including long before we had an elected Mayor) have meant public services that are poor and do not provide basic services well or value for money. Instead of Libraries get rid of Leger Homes and it’s ever increasing mobile “snap cabins” that spend hours every day parked up with expensive, (unemployable any where else) semi skilled workmen sat idle in them on every street ! Save money by NOT building the next lot of super cost council offices and just build the theatre..that would save millions !

  6. dougwright says:

    i don’t understand why people attack fellow workers who probably use a library about to be closed. we should be united and turn up on mass to the family protest on monday at 0915 outside the mansion house.
    if egypt can get rid of a president surely we can keep all our libraries open.

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