Save Libraries Day: Scawthorpe Read-In

Warren Draper organised a Read-In at Scawthorpe Library and reports:

“Despite the wet weather kids from Castle Hills School, along with their somewhat more camera shy parents, joined a group of local activists which included Labour councillors, Bill Mordue and Kevin Rogers, in a protest against the proposed closure of Scawthorpe Library. The kids brought along some of the banners that they and their friends have been making and at least 30 Scawthorpe children have already written in to the council!

“Scawthorpe branch is always busy with people from nearby Scawsby and Sunnyfields as well as those from Scawthorpe taking full advantage of the services on offer. The nearest alternative branch would be Bentley which is quite a trek for the young families, the elderly and the infirm who make up a large percentage of users.”

Yes to books - no to closing!

Save Our Library!


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4 Responses to Save Libraries Day: Scawthorpe Read-In

  1. Jackie says:

    Well done to everyone! Looks like you had a great time. Your posters are great.

  2. phill says:

    this thotoe is going to in corige them alot

  3. phill says:

    well done for prostesing

  4. Jill Geary says:

    i used to work at this library as well as Intake library and the main Doncaster libary. great to see the support of locals for the service i hope the council are forced to rethink their ill advised decision to close your libraries. they are a vital community resource and frontline service and every generation deserves the opportunity to enjoy libraries.
    keep up the good work and don’t go down without a fight.
    best wishes jillx

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