Message from Ed Miliband

Leader of the Labour Party and MP for Doncaster North, Ed Miliband, sent Save Doncaster Libraries the following message:

“I am horrified to hear that 14 libraries are set to close in Doncaster, five of which are in my constituency of Doncaster North. I along with residents of Doncaster value greatly the Library Service, and I am very angry at the scale of the proposed closures. I believe that to close libraries is a false economy and a very cheap option to save money. It is most unfortunate that libraries always seem to be at the forefront of any cuts in local expenditure.

I believe that libraries are, and should be, an essential part of our lives, and are vital to our communities and can be a central focus point for an area. A library can help enrich people’s lives, and so many other services can also come from a library.

To close over half the libraries in the Borough is bad news for the people of Doncaster.”

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3 Responses to Message from Ed Miliband

  1. Don Rudston says:

    This Government claims it wants an educated nation. So what does it do? It introduces policies that lead to libraries being closed. I shall vote Lib Dem again at the next election – providing that is,
    that the Pope converts to protestantism.

  2. Chris says:

    A totally expected reply. Doncaster – or at least his part of it – should expect no less from him. But they probably would have liked a bit more from him, such as something about him having demanded from the Council a) a rethink or b) a recant or c) a proper review.
    I perceive nothing in this response to signify that he has done anything, really. He’s probably said pretty much what the councillors said at this morning’s meeting…”Well, it’s sad, and we know we need libraries, and they enrich so many peoples’ lives, but we’ve just GOT to close them if we’re going to save the money we need”…
    Cynical? Yes. If I was his constituent I would be preparing for skirmish…

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