Petition Push

We’re having a push on petitions prior to the Extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet at 10am on Friday 4th February. Save Doncaster Libraries will be presenting 10,000 signatures to DMBC’s Democratic Services department, who will then immediately notify the Cabinet. Keep collecting signatures though, we need as many as we can get.

Get in touch if you’ve got any – every little helps!

The online version of the petition has some really heartfelt messages of support and anger against the closures. You can read them all on the petition, but here are some highlights that really demonstrate how much people’s lives will be affected by the closures and cuts. These are things the council has entirely failed to investigate or seek to understand:

Helen Hughes on Jan 07, 2011
“I do not remember seeing or being asked to fill in any questionnaire about the options for the library service. I should certainly not have made any reply which suggested I was in favour of closing branch libraries, which perform such useful functions:

  • providing reading material for those who cannot afford to buy many books; working with schools to help groups of children enjoy
  • books; provide activities during school holidays which develop reading skills and promote enjoyment of reading in children – boys
  • included! – and enable those without computers who need to use them with access to them.

In addition they provide an essentialcentre for other vital activities such as running a talking newspapeer for the blind. these are real community spaces, without which the citizens of Doncaster will be truly impoverished.”

Ruth Veal on Jan 11, 2011
“I take my 3 year old daughter and baby to Bawtry library every week where we receive a lovely warm welcome. We sit and read together then choose books that we read  throughout the week. I have met other mums there and we are signed up to a literacy course there starting soon. I am genuinly upset about the proposed closures, the library was one of the things that encouraged me to move to Bawtry and it will be a huge loss to my family and the community of Bawtry.”

Harpreet Sekhon on Jan 11, 2011
“I am elleven(11) years old and use moorends library more than two time a week and it keeps me safe and keeps me off of the streets.It is a lovely place to be and keeps me warm.”

Amanda Byrne on Jan 05, 2011
“closing my local wheatley library will be a disaster to me and the children with in my care, this is a service we use on a weekly basis”

Mark Johnson on Jan 07, 2011
“As teacher of English, I can assure the Council that this will have a devastating effect on the future of the Conisbrough people. Our library is the lifeblood of the community, serving as a vital Outreach resource and has many other uses including an access and focal point for anyone wishing to raise concerns about local issues.

I am currently studying for an MA at the University of Sheffield and use the library frequently to access the internet and it also serves as an excellent study resource. I can also confirm that this library branch is used frequently by the people of Conisbrough, and it beggars belief that the Council would even consider closing such a valuable community asset.”

Diane Grice on Jan 05, 2011
“we are always encouraged to keep our minds active, to encourage children, young people and adults to read and learn. the cost of education whether for pleasure or for career will continue to rise. this vital service allows every child and adult the opportunity to learn and enjoy the pleasure of reading regardless of their financial challenges. we must value our services and recognise how important this facility is for our community.”

Peter Brooks on Jan 06, 2011
“Having recently moved to Doncaster, (and, of course, joined our local branch library), I am appalled to learn of these proposals. The council clearly haven’t taken into account the needs of the young, the elderly or the infirm; all of whom would have great difficulty in travelling to more distant libraries. These proposals appear to be the hair-brained scheme of a bunch of councillors determined to cut costs at all cost. In this case, at the cost of the community they are ‘supposed’ to serve!!!”

Mark Fitzgerald on Jan 06, 2011
“Libraries are a valuable resouce for all sections of the community, once they are lost nothing will take the place.”

Cathy-Jean on Jan 06, 2011
“Libraries are central to the community, I don’t see how the Conservatives can talk about “big societies” one minute and close down one of the keys of any civilised society the next.”

Carry Simon on Jan 07, 2011
“This is a degrace how can they tell when they are not being used when you dont have to sign in and out. ALso we use the conisbrough library on a regular basis. It is near the local academy so student are able to use it. The clsure is failing the community and education.”

Roberta Eales on Jan 08, 2011
Why has Bawtry library been chosen for closure? This is the 5th busiest library in Doncaster. There doesn’t seem to be any sensible reasoning behind this decision.

Susan Southall on Jan 08, 2011
“The list of possible closures now issued would leave an enormous area of the town without a library. Suggesting books could be made available in other council buildings is laughable. Librarians are trained and can help to resource many items. Mobile libraries wold not help the disabled who cannot access such vehicles.”

C M Hearn on Jan 09, 2011
“If Sprotbrough Library closes I will not be able to use library services as I am not fit enough to carry books between the Central Library and the bus station.”

Mrs Valerie Oliver on Jan 09, 2011
“Being a disabled lady I find my local library to be invaluable. Talking books are my lifeline. The magnificent staff at my local library( conisbrough) ensure I am always well  provided.We older generation sometimes have few pleasures but reading is extremely high on my agenda.There has always been a library in our village, how intolerable that the  council now feel the need to remove it. It is not just a building to fulfill reading pleasures but so many more services are provided.Save our lovely purpose built building and our thoughtful ,experienced dedicated members of staff. Your cuts are our great loss.”

Doreen Jagger on Jan 10, 2011
As a retired primary school teacher, I strongly believe that free access to books should be available to all the public, especially young children and adults on limited incomes. Many elderly people cannot travel far in order to visit a library.Perhaps a reduction in councillors free trips would be a better way of saving money.

Ann Humphreys on Jan 11, 2011
“living in moorends and finding out the librarie is going to close in a discrace, i take my children to school looking in the window every day and then after picking them up every night we go to the libarie and have fun ,the staff there are brilliant ,during school holidays there is always something for me and my children to do there it will be sad to see it go. moorends has nothing outher than the librarie for children please dont let this one close .”

Lesley Brewin on Jan 12, 2011
“Local Libraries are a vital resource for promoting children’s language and literacy abilities. Reading encourages children to use their imagination, become creative and provides a good form of entertainment and escapism. Reading with parents and grandparents enhances communication and relationships. Libraries offer so much more for children and adults, they house a wealth of information and are a gateway for many to learn about and access computers and social networks safely.

Our local Library in Moorends provides a much needed resource to our local community where language and literacy skills in children and adults has been identified as an area needing continued improvement and support. Its also a place where children and
adults congregate.”

Violet Bielby on Jan 13, 2011
“I use scawthorpe libary regularly and as a pensioner who loves reading I was devastated to hear of closure proposals,I shall be lost without it.”

Avril Hailes on Jan 14, 2011
“i have used the library in sprotbrough for many children have used it since they were 3 and with them at school they use the library for there homework by using the internet or by reference books.if the council go ahead and close sprotbrough library what are we supposed to do for a library and my kids homework could suffer.i think this is a total disgrace and i’m totally against the closures.”

Shelley Hall on Jan 14, 2011
“We live in Wheatley and use our library frequently. I have 3 children, 1 in secondary school, 1 in 6th form and 1 at university who rely on their local libray. Wheatley is an underpriveledged area and shutting the library would be putting the people and area at an even more disadvantage!

My 11yr old has been told to read more by his school, how could that happen if his local library is shut?”

Jacqui Dodds on Jan 17, 2011
“The library that my Mum uses in Warmsworth is a lifeline for her and a lot of other people living nearby. It should not be taken for granted that if the council close Warmsworth library, people like my Mum can travel to the central library in Doncaster for their library books. Instead of a managable walk for her it would mean walking the same distance to catch a bus into Doncaster and then walking to the other side of Doncaster whilst carrying heavy library books, then doing the same return journey.”



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2 Responses to Petition Push

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  2. John Greenall says:

    Any poor person blessed with intelligence can goto a library and obtain books for free, librarys are ‘free education’. I see a government who pushes up student fees and closes library’s as a government deliberatly taking education away from the poor people in soscietys. Everyone has a right to education and it is a fundemental human right. I do not belive the cuts are there to save money, only to take the right of education away from the lower classes. Not everyone is as blind as you think Mr Cameron.

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