What’s on this week

This morning (1st Feb)

Lynne Coppendale from Save Doncaster Libraries is speaking on BBC Radio Sheffield at 9:30am about the proposals to cut the library service.

Tomorrow (2nd Feb)

There will be a public meeting at 7.00 pm on Wednesday 2nd February at the Phoenix Theatre, Station Road, Bawtry. The Doncaster Mayor and Cabinet Member Cynthia Ransome will attend. Three ward members and members of Save Doncaster Libraries will also be present.

Friday (4th Feb)

Extraordinary Cabinet meeting to decide if the proposals should go ahead. 10am, Mansion House, Doncaster town centre. If these proposals are approved in their current form, the council is likely to be in breach of the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964. It will then be necessary to launch a legal challenge. Click here to see the agenda, the library service review and proposals.

Save Our Libraries Day (Image from CILIP)

Saturday (5th Feb)

Read-In protests at several libraries across the borough, with authors, poets, public reading and children’s activities. See here for details of Doncaster events. This is part of the national day of action against library cuts and closures.

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One Response to What’s on this week

  1. Barry McAuley from Eastham on the Wirral says:

    As a resident of the small town of Eastham on the Wirral, I wish to offer my support to the people of Doncaster. We, the people of Eastham, found out our library was threated with closure on BBC Radio Merseyside, following a council budget meeting that night. Immediately, like the people of Doncaster, we organised petitions, protested outside our threatened libraries and attended all the council meetings. Four ‘Area Forums’ were organised, at the forum for Eastham, seven hundred people turned up to show their opposition. In total over two and a half thousand people turned out at the forums to give Wirral’s councillors the biggest dose of ‘earache’ they have ever had. Over sixty thousand people protested in one form or another in one of the biggest revolts over council services in Wirral’s history. We got the media, local radio, TV and local press involved. Eventually, we contacted the Department for Culture who sent an inspector to Wirral to find out what was happening. A public inquiry was held, and a report written. Shortly prior to it’s publication, the council scrapped its closure plans in a humiliating climbdown. Wirral people have never seen the contents of the report, because the council decided to cover up its findings and bury the truth in a smokescreen. Basically, Wirral Council, had the closures taken place, would have been failing in their duty by law, as laid down in the Library Act of 1964, to provide a good library service to the people of Wirral. In a Metropolitan area, 80 per cent of people must live within two miles of a library. Had Eastham closed, Wirral Council would have been breaking the law, because it is more than two miles to the next nearest branch at Bromborough. DONCASTER COUNCIL, THE TWO MILE RULE APPLIES TO YOU. PEOPLE OF DONCASTER, YOU HAVE A POWERFUL WEAPON, THE BALLOT BOX, USE IT IN MAY 2012, AND GIVE YOUR COUNCILLORS WHO VOTED FOR THESE CLOSURES THE BOOT.

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