5th February Read-Ins: we need your help!

We’re aiming to hold Read-Ins of different sizes at every library in the borough on Saturday 5th February, as part of a national day against library cuts and closures. This could be as small as someone outside the library asking people to sign petitions, as big as inviting an author or a poet over to do some reading and members of the public talking about why their library is important to them, or anywhere inbetween.  It could last an hour, or for as long as the library’s open (most libraries are open 10-1 on Saturdays, but check the opening hours). What’s important is that we all show how the proposals to close 12 out of our 26 libraries (along with all the other detrimental proposals) will have a huge impact on the whole town.

Please email savedoncasterlibraries@gmail.com or come along to the Read-In at Central Library on 29th January, 1-3pm, if you’d like to hold a Read-In at your local library. We’ll put you in touch with other people in the area and give you advice about what you could do.

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