Brian’s Message is Loud and Clear

Actor, author and adventurer Brian Blessed has voiced his support for the Save Doncaster Libraries campaign. He said:

“Neglect the arts at your peril. We were brought up with books and libraries. They must never close them. They are an oasis of calm and concentration. Doncaster is such a creative area. They must not do it. It’s such a blow to culture, to civilisation. Doncaster is a very important place – you could say it’s the centre of the earth. It’s an area of heroes, of footballers and sportsmen and art. Doncaster is a beacon to the rest of the world.”

The closure of so many of Doncaster’s libraries,  reduction of its archives, and the council’s failure to invest in their library services is denying so many people in Doncaster the opportunities they need to succeed. With an increasing number of Doncaster’s success stories getting in touch  to oppose the council’s decision to cut library services, it makes us wonder how many of them would be where they are now without library services and a love of learning, culture and the arts.

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