News Just In: Two down, 12 to go

DMBC have made alterations to the library proposals and Cantley and Conisbrough libraries have been removed from the closure list.

We have yet to ascertain why, but if it is because the council now accepts that the points-based system was flawed, the whole method must be reassessed.

Democratic Services at the council have informed us that the review is likely to go to the next Cabinet meeting on 2nd February, but it is vital that we keep our eye out for any meetings that it may be snuck through. This was scheduled for an executive decision in the first instance, so should not be passed through any meeting other than a Cabinet meeting. It should not be passed through a Cabinet meeting in its current state, because the residents of Doncaster have not been consulted on issues that have a direct impact on their lives.

Two libraries may be off the list, but we still have twelve to save. Please help us by circulating petitions and forcing the council into a debate on the issue. Contact your councillors and MPs, write to us to let us know why the cuts are a bad idea, write to your local paper…anything you can do!

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