If education is expensive, try ignorance.

This is a letter of support we received from Mrs Maggie and Mr Glyn Morgan, who live in Bawtry and oppose the unjustifiable closure of Bawtry library:

We are appalled that anyone could even think of closing our beautiful library. This will rip the heart out of our wonderful community.

As we are sure you are aware, this is a well loved and much used library servicing a large area and population of all ages. A wonderful place of information for all – not just a library but a communal facility belonging to our little town of Bawtry – a coming together of people and information. It’s a crime that this facility could even be considered for closure. Alternative libraries would be Tickhill, which isn’t on a bus route and Doncaster, which is 10 miles away.

If libraries close they have gone forever and all those beautiful books! Damage that can never be repaired.

We need improvements to the existing service not the facility to be done away with altogether. What about the kids in the area – the library belongs to them as well. We need more education within our area not less. If education is expensive, try ignorance.

Where has the consultation been? We are regular users of the library and nobody has consulted us.

Regarding running costs, we do believe the running and the manning of the library could be done on a voluntary basis; we would be more than happy to offer any assistance and I’m sure there are many like us.

We are hoping that you will give your whole hearted support to saving our wonderful library.

Maggie and Glyn Morgan

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One Response to If education is expensive, try ignorance.

  1. Chris says:

    I do hope there are more positive people like Maggie and Glyn around! And it is good to know that they would be part of any volunteer group to run it as a community resource.
    However I would advise & caution them – and anyone else thinking about the possibilities of operating their local branch library on a totally volunteer basis – to ensure that, as part of any discussions with council/library service managers, strong safeguards are put in place regarding the security of borrowers’ personal information.
    In this age of electronic databases the issue of who has access to personal information is extremely delicate. I do not know what might have been considered by DMBC regarding volunteer-run libraries, but if any such local scheme is going to operate using current library technology – which some rural libraries already do – it must be borne in mind that a possibly numerous and oft-changing body of people (volunteers) will have access to a borrower database of thousands.
    Operating a local library on a volunteer basis is not simply a matter of issuing books…

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