Library Service Review Now Online

You can now download the council’s poor attempt at a Library Service Review from the Council Chamber section of the Doncaster Council website. Today’s Cabinet Meeting was supposed to include a Key Decision on the Library Service Review, but this has been removed from the agenda because Neighbourhoods and Communities have been forced to admit that their tokenistic consultation was a shambles.

Please take a look and get in touch to give us your views. Why are these decisions the wrong ones? Why shouldn’t these libraries close? Why shouldn’t staff be sacked and replaced with volunteers? What is it about the value of libraries that the council doesn’t understand? Email

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6 Responses to Library Service Review Now Online

  1. Caroline L says:

    Hmmm, having read that review I just contacted Doncaster Council via their ‘askus’ email address to ask them about this scoring system they used based on ‘better libraries, better lives’ model.

    They gave the loose headings, but not how they assessed the numbers on this. The fact that there are only 5 points between 4 or 5 of the libraries and Intake, which was the lowest score of the ‘saved’ libraries then I am really quite interested.

    I care for the closure of any library, but more so with Conisbrough, it’s an ex mining community and not everyone has the ability to hop on two busses to get to Edlington, which was suggested by someone!

    Conisbrough library isn’t just a library, kids do their homework there and get access to the internet, which they may not have at home and I think it’ll leave such a gaping hole if it was to go.

  2. Caroline L says:

    Ah I found the ‘review’ of the libraries that they referred to. Having looked at the scoring system I would request they redo it based on the proposed closures! A number of results will now change. For instance, with Conisbrough as an example one of the criteria.

    ‘Proximity to other libraries’ it scored a 2, based on there being one less than 2 miles away (Denaby), well given they also want to close Denaby, that would make the closest one about 3.5 miles away and 2 busses away or 4ish miles away and 1 bus.

    Other buildings nearby to be a partner centre it scored 1 (less than 1 mile away). I would like that one explained

    Other well used council facility near by it scored a 1, I would like to know why as I am struggling to realise where they mean for this!

    It claims it’s in a secondary main part of the community, how can a library in the main centre of a place be in a ‘secondary main part’

    So much of that scoring system is biased and most of the scores I would question!

    • Lauren says:

      Thanks for this Caroline! We completely agree. At some point we’re going to put together a statement challenging each of the point-system that’s inaccurate – there are LOTS, so we’re going to need help. If you’d be able to let us know more as and when you think of it, it’d be much appreciated!


  3. caroline l says:

    Laura, I worked for a few years analysing problems and data. I will do a proper review of their report for conisbrough and give you my concerns of the data and findingd. It could be useful to find others with details of other areas. If their decisions are based on a review that review needs not to have gaping flaws.

    Will get back to you ASAP!

  4. Caroline L says:

    Hi Lauren

    As promised, here’s my full views of the review based on Conisbrough.

    If you have any problems viewing the document let me know.


    • Chris says:

      I am a regular library user at Conisbrough. This is a great review and I agree with all of your points, it seems that our library has been marked down on quite a few criteria and it needs to be challenged. Hopefully our councillors will be looking into this, it may be a good idea to email your report to them! Just a couple of points;-
      I think that the ‘suitable building for partner delivery point’ and ‘well used council facilities nearby’ is the St Leger Homes/cash office just across the road from the library. Given its size, how can it offer any of the services we would lose if our library closed?
      On the consultation issue, Conisbrough library returned over 200 completed surveys and was in the top 4 libraries for surveys completed (as per info from SDL). That should tell the council that the library is well used and needed.
      The library also incorporates a customer service centre so is already set up for that, why would it need that level of investment for a ‘modern library service to be delivered’?
      Finally, the opportunity centres mentioned have been set up fairly recently and are there to help people who are looking for jobs, help with CV’s etc. One has been set up in Denaby in Grays Court. Why wasn’t this put in the library instead?

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