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The proposed cuts to library service made the front page of today’s Doncaster Free Press:

In the article, Mayor Peter Davies states:

“I am trying my level best to protect frontline services, the problem is some of the libraries are very under used. But I am not the sort of person who wants to go around closing all the libraries.”

This would suggest that the council are proposing to close only the libraries which are under-used. This is simply not the case. Cantley Library, for example, is an incredibly well-used library which serves a huge area including Cantley, Branton, Auckley, Finningley and Blaxton, yet is under threat of closure. If any libraries are under-used, it is because their opening hours and resources do not meet the needs of their communities. This is due to poor management by the council and a lack of promotion of the role and resources of the library service, not a lack of need from the people of Doncaster. Julie Grant, Assistant Director of Customer Strategy and Development admits in the Library Service Review itself that:

“We recognise that our marketing and outreach resources are insufficient to have real impact.”

So we’ll say it again: the closures are based on cost-cutting alone, the review is a sham, and the changes and the proposals do not take into account the needs of communities or the value of libraries.

Edit: New! Print off-able petitions (please circulate around neighbourhoods, put in local shops etc.)

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