Fighting Back Against the Cuts

The Star has covered the library cuts in an article quoting several Doncaster councillors, who describe the proposals as “Draconian”, “philistine” and saying that the council “do not appear to have any idea what the effect will be on the public”.

Save Doncaster Libraries will be holding a Read-In at Doncaster Central Library on Saturday 29th January from 1pm until 3pm, to  celebrate the value of good library services, raise awareness for the 5th February Read-Ins that will be taking place across the country (venues in Doncaster to be confirmed). The decisions that the council will be asked to make on 12th January will have a devastating impact on Doncaster’s libraries and all those who benefit from them, both users and non-users. Please join us and help to publicise the grave mistakes being made by councils around the country, who are cutting vital library services without considering the serious detrimental effects the cuts will have to the education and wellbeing of individuals, communities and society.

We invite the public and concerned councillors to join us.

Click on the image for printable flyers in different sizes. Please feel free to distribute widely!

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