Public Library Closures Map

The national Voices for the Library campaign has put together a map of UK libraries which are to be closed or are under threat of closure:

See the larger map for more details about the libraries under threat.

Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries write:

The Author and Library Campaigner Alan Gibbons has called for a coordinated national day of action to protest to save our libraries on 5th February 2011. As it is not just our local library service that faces disproportionate and ill-thought out cuts but the wider public library service network of the UK, Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries will be taking part in this day of protest to not only raise the profile of the plight of Gloucestershire Libraries but also the plight of the public library services as a whole.

Save Doncaster Libraries will be holding a Read-In at Doncaster Central Library on Saturday 29th January from 1pm until 3pm, to raise awareness for the 5th February Read-Ins that will be taking place across the country (venues in Doncaster to be confirmed). We anticipate that the announcements that the council will make on 11th January will be devastating to Doncaster’s libraries and all those who benefit from them, both users and non-users. Please join us and help to publicise the grave mistakes being made by councils around the country, who are cutting vital library services without considering the serious detrimental effects the cuts will have to the education and wellbeing of individuals, communities and society.

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2 Responses to Public Library Closures Map

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  2. Ian Anstice says:

    Great to see the map being mentioned. The comedian Mark Thomas mentioned it in a tweet today as well. All in all, it has got about 13000 extra views today due to all this publicity.

    The map is taken from my public libraries news blog at which may be worth a look too (modesty does of course forbid…).

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