Pickles on Libraries

The running of Doncaster Council is being overseen by central government because it was declared to be a failed council by the Audit Commission, whose report concluded that “The people of Doncaster are not well-served by their council.”

Reported in the Bookseller today, Eric Pickles, Local Government secretary, told the Birmingham Post that councils should cut back office functions before libraries:

“Before we see libraries cut and all these kinds of things, I want to see councils merge their back office functions. I would like to see them sharing chief executives, their legal department, their accounts department, their payroll, their IT, their planning, their education support functions.

“And when they have done all that, if they feel they have to close libraries, they should talk to me again.”

Doncaster Council continues to fail to serve its residents. Can it really also ignore the Minister with responsibility for the running of the town?

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