Once Gone – Gone Forever

Tony Storey, Chair of Doncaster Freemen “Let’s Be Positive About Doncaster” Group, has written a statement of support for the Save Doncaster Libraries Campaign:

“Save Doncaster Branch Libraries”

Libraries provide a service for Doncaster folk of all ages and all backgrounds – a source of reference; an access to fiction and non-fiction literature; and aspects of Internet ‘café’! As everyone cannot easily access the central library the local branch libraries provide outreach resources for communities combining this with the availability of general information services. School students find them a haven at times for homework tasks in a quiet environment and a reference facility not always available via home based Internet search engines or school libraries.

The borough’s branch libraries are inevitably under threat given current economic pressures. Hopefully DMBC will seek innovative ways to retain the service – flexible opening hours to maximize customer needs; resource centres to publicise other social services; volunteer community helpers; local community publicity of what the library offers; facilities for community groups to meet; internet access to databases.

To forfeit one’s local community library is akin to losing a post office, a primary school, a popular pub, a range of local shops – a deprivation not easily rectified in a more prosperous economic climate. Once gone – gone forever!

The running costs involve staff costs; heating, lighting, cleaning; IT facilities; stock management and refreshment et al. However they are not high in ‘manpower’ costs especially if volunteer help, or even entrepreneurial support by local secondary school Sixth Form rota acquiring skills in resource management and people contact.

Let’s seek to be innovative and rally round to retain local library facilities wherever feasible in your community.

Seek to use and support your local branch library facility.

Tony Storey
Chair of Doncaster Freemen “Let’s Be Positive About Doncaster” Group
Ex-Headteacher of The Hayfield School 1971-2008

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