Tony Benn and Save Doncaster Libraries

Save Doncaster Libraries were at the Coalition of Resistance meeting last night, letting people know about the threat of severe cuts to library services in Doncaster. The support was fantastic and hundreds of people signed our petition. The Coalition of Resistance blog has covered it here.

All the speakers were wonderful – passionate about public services and those who work for the public sector. The highlight of the night, though, was speaking with Tony Benn about the situation for libraries across the country – and why we need to defend them. He was supportive of the campaign and in his speech addressed democratic rights and human dignity – issues which good public library services help to provide and protect.

Libraries are likely to feel the impact of the cuts first, and possibly hardest. Media coverage of the cuts mentions libraries in the same breath as health and children’s services – a clear indication of their importance to a functioning society. The speakers last night, and the 400-strong crowd, also articulated the importance of public libraries. Now it’s up to the Doncaster council to listen to the compelling arguments that campaigns such as Voices for the Library and Save Doncaster Libraries, protect the library service and work to improve it.

Please join us on Saturday 13th November for a demonstration against the cuts in the town centre. More details when we have them!

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One Response to Tony Benn and Save Doncaster Libraries

  1. Mick says:

    With the demonstration we have a real chance of bringing the people of Doncaster into the fight to save our libraries. So far we’ve got hundreds of people to sign petitions and had successful, but relatively small protests at the 3 libraries initially under threat of closure. Last time the libraries were under attack, we had a very large demonstration in the town centre. This time its not just the libraries, its the majority of people who live in Doncaster being told that they have to accept worse services all round, so it has the potential to be huge. If we make sure Libraries are a prominent part of the protest, there’s no reason why we can’t do exactly what the people in the Wirral did and force the council to withdraw their threats to the libraries,

    Mick Wattam,

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