Shocking Libraries News

Some Save Doncaster Libraries campaigners were in the town centre this weekend, asking for the public to sign the petition against library cuts. They were reliably informed of the latest news from Doncaster Council surrounding libraries:

  • At least another nine libraries could be ear marked for closure. The council is arguing that if they do this, they would not be breaking any rules in terms of delivering  the service.
  • Some libraries are now receiving letters asking them if they can do without any cleaners.
  • Some libraries are receiving an email telling them they are not allowed to attend the redundancy meetings held by the council.
  • The council are telling staff not to have anything to do with the Save Doncaster Libraries campaign.

This behaviour is unacceptable and an example of a continued lack of transparency. It is apparent that no attention has been paid to the consultancy report conducted by a libraries expert and that the council has decided to cut library services without paying attention to the needs of the public, and with a continued lack of awareness or care about the value of public libraries despite it having been spelt out to them many times.

Save Doncaster Libraries are outraged. The Doncaster public should be too. It is vital for us to fight these cuts – if these services are cut now, they will be lost forever.

Please write to the council, MPs, councillors, newspapers and anywhere else you can think of. Please fill in the council’s questionnaire about council services, even if like us, you don’t believe much attention will be paid to it. Please sign the online petition or the paper version if you have the opportunity. Please come to our forthcoming events and public talks.

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2 Responses to Shocking Libraries News

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  2. Tom Roper says:

    Councils can and will try to scare staff off involvement in campaigns: they did in Haringey in 1989-90, trying to forbid us from speaking to the press, or from organising sleep-ins in threatened libraries. But, because the staff were united and involved, we ignored the threats, and they were never acted on

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