Doncaster Book Award

The 7th annual Doncaster Book Award was launched on 8th October 2010. The book award is for all children in Doncaster and is promoted by school librarians, public librarians and college librarians.  The committee is made up of people from all those areas, plus the School Library Service, Chris Fitt (a freelance librarian and former Doncaster Libraries Children’s Librarian) & Dave Cryer (a freelance writer, teacher and workshop leader).  Children from Doncaster schools choose the books and the long list is chosen from the most issued books in public libraries. From then on the children vote for the short list and the eventual winner.  The Doncaster Book Award is unique in the way the books are selected – it remains the only book award in the whole country that is chosen by the children rather than adults.

The public and school libraries play an instrumental role in the Award – without the effective partnership work taking place it would not be possible for the Award to be the success it is, reaching children in Doncaster and encouraging them to read and be enthusiastic about reading and literacy.

Video of the Doncaster Book Award launch 8th October 2010.

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2 Responses to Doncaster Book Award

  1. Margaret Brown says:

    Dear Lauren, I work for RAL Publications, a children’s publisher, and we are interested in making some publications available for the Doncaster Children’s Book Award. Please could you send me your publisher’s pack / info about this. Much appreciated, Margaret Brown. (email included).

  2. Lauren says:

    Dear Margaret,

    I am not involved in the Award, so it would be better if you contacted someone from the Award itself:


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