Library Consultation Questionnaire

Six days ago, Doncaster Council launched an online questionnaire for Doncaster residents to express their views about the library service. This was not publicised, which of course means few people are likely to hear about it and know that it is very important for them to fill this in. It also excludes more than 30% of Doncaster residents who do not have access to a computer at home (and may not use ones in libraries because they do not know libraries offer these – because the council does not publicise the resources available in libraries).

Although consultation features extremely low on the ladder of participation and is very likely a tokenistic gesture that the council are forced to offer without intending to pay attention to the results, it is vital for library users and non-users to fill in this questionnaire. Please complete it yourself and let others know about it. Let the council know how important libraries are to communities and individuals. Let them know how they support you through all they have to offer. Let them know that cutting the already tiny library budget is unacceptable and a false economy. Let them know that a library service cannot function without trained, qualified and professional staff.

You can find the questionnaire on the Doncaster Council website, hidden behind several clicks, in the Joining the Library section. Or you can click here.

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