Better Libraries, Better Lives: Consultancy Report

We received Better Libraries, Better Lives: a review and improvement plan for Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council today, in response to our Freedom of Information request. The request and report are available on the Freedom of Information request website, or on Slideshare.

Below is the email we received:

Lauren Smith
Contact: Julie Grant
Tel: 01302 862496
Fax:  01302 737510

Date:      2nd September 2010

Dear Ms Smith

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request dated 4th August 2010 for information
about  the  Doncaster  Libraries  review.  Please  find  enclosed  a  copy  of  the  document
produced as an outcome of the review as requested and please also be aware that before
any final decisions are made, there will be a public consultation process scheduled to start
shortly which will also be used to inform the future of Doncaster’s Library Service.

I hope that this information is useful to you.

Campaign members will discuss the contents and report on the advice given by the libraries expert who was commissioned to conduct the review.

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