In The Media!

You can listen to Lauren talking about libraries and the situation in Doncaster here, 1 hour 46 minutes in.

You can listen to the BBC piece about the future of libraries (including snippets of Alan Gibbons and Lauren) here, with lots of comments too.

Lynne does a brilliant job of explaining the problems with Doncaster Council and libraries on BBC Radio Sheffield about 1 hour 21 minutes in.

We’ve had loads of positive responses to the campaign, with people giving great examples of the reasons we need libraries in our communities, and why they can’t be replaced with mobile services or ‘improved’ centralised services, and will be putting these to the council soon. Please write to Doncaster Council telling them why closing libraries is a bad thing – the more people who write, the louder our voices will be.

Download a complaints form and send it to this address:

Complaints Team
PO Box 251
The Council House
College Road

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