Doncaster Libraries on the Guardian Website

An article I wrote for the Comment is Free website is one of the Editor’s Picks today. It’s generated a lot of interest – have a look!

A reminder that the Wheatley Read-In is this Saturday. The opening hours of Wheatley Library were reduced (without any notification) last week, so the event will now be starting at 10am, but campaign members will be around from 9:30am. BBC News will be there, and hopefully the Doncaster Free Press will be making the most of the photo opportunity. Come down and let Doncaster Council that we won’t accept their cuts!

Finally – fellow campaigner John will be talking about the libraries and the Read-In on Trax FM (107.1 and 107.9) tomorrow at 9:30am.

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5 Responses to Doncaster Libraries on the Guardian Website

  1. Joe says:

    I read your article and it was very good.

    I find the libraries in Doncaster very useful. There should be provision for more books, longer opening hours (they should be open on Sundays these days!)

    Every school-age child should be introduced to their local library and shown how to use it.

    Also, the Doncaster central library is relatively hidden away. Compare it to the central location, advertising and plush interior devoted to Waterstones book shop.

    I completely oppose any and all of the government cuts currently under way. This gutting of the welfare state is just one element of the vast transfer of wealth to a tiny financial aristocracy that has taken place over the past 30 years. The biggest robbery of all was the £1 trillion signed away to the finance houses after their system collaped in 2008.

    • Lauren says:

      Thanks Joe.

      There are plans for the Central Library to be relocated in the later stages of the Doncaster Unitary Development Plan because Waterdale is going to be demolished. However, it’s not clear if these plans will still be going ahead.

      • Chris says:

        But even if the plans for the Civic & Cultural Quarter go ahead, in which it is planned to situate a new Central Library, access to the library will still be less than ideal, seeing as how the Bus Station is still going to be at the opposite end of town!

  2. Joe says:

    Librarians protest closures in Southampton, England

    “Librarians in Southampton carried out a two-day strike, August 12 and 16, to oppose plans by the Conservative-led City Council to close Millbrook and Thornhill libraries and replace at least seven paid workers with volunteers this year. City councillors have also announced a reduction of £140,000 in the library budget over the next two years.”

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