Wheatley Read-In: Make Your Voice Heard

We know Doncaster Council has a report written by a library professional making recommendations to improve the service. We know that the proposed closures came before the report, but still the council wants to close the libraries. We know that 3,000 jobs are going to be cut from the council. We know that the majority of those jobs will be frontline staff, many of them working in libraries.

Yesterday was a real eye-opener. We spoke to people in Doncaster town centre who were appalled to hear about the cuts that are being made, with no public consultation. Nobody was surprised; Doncaster council has a long history of mismanagement and failing to work in the interest of the public.

The library cuts are at the very heart of the problem in Doncaster. Libraries are symbols of democracy, freedom, fairness, equality and opportunity. The council want to take them away. We cannot let that happen, especially not in a town that has been the victim of failing services for so long. We are getting together on 21st August to let the council know that the cuts to libraries and the rest of the council services are unaccaptable. Please come.

Wheatley Library Read-In, 21st August, 9:30am - 12:30pm

Feel free to print and distribute this poster/flyer. Email savedoncasterlibraries@gmail.com for full-size.

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