We Need Unison’s Support

As part of their high-profile Library Campaign, Unison recently published a report entitled “Taking stock: the future of our public library service“, which looks at the essential contribution of libraries to the social, educational, cultural and economic well-being of local communities. It discusses the crisis faced by libraries and calls on the government to adopt a five point plan to maintain and improve the library service, under the following headers:

  • Adequate resources and funding for library services, staff and premises
  • Empowerment of staff and communities to shape services together
  • Partnership working between libraries and councils across the UK to share information and good practice
  • Responsiveness to library users from all backgrounds
  • Provision of staff training and professional development

It’s great that Unison has backed public libraries as a valuable public service. What Save Doncaster Libraries needs is the full support of Doncaster Unison, which we hope to achieve before or during the planned Unity Day School on 25th September. I will be speaking about the grave problems in Doncaster libraries and asking for united support from all the unions in Doncaster, to oppose the closures and ask for Doncaster Council to improve its service.

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