The Campaign Gets Underway

The Big Bessacarr Read-In this morning went very well. The aim of today was to inform the community about the proposals to close the branch, and we had a lovely accordian accompaniment from campaign member Chris and her husband!

Biddy Fisher, The President of CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) attended the event, and highlighted the importance of public libraries and the need for Doncaster Council to properly consider the needs of communities before closing library branches. Many thanks to Biddy for coming along; her presence was very much appreciated and her thoughts on the issue were valuable to the campaign.

Children’s author and leader of the Campaign for the Book, Alan Gibbons, was also there to lend his support, and spoke about the event as being a good way to gather support for the Save Doncaster Libraries Campaign.

Supporters at the Bessacarr Read-In

The Read-In generated interest from the community and raised awareness of the proposed closures, which is exactly what needs to happen. So many people we spoke to had no idea that the library might close and were shocked when we told them. Some people said that they don’t use the library, so thought it wasn’t important – we told them about the ways libraries serve communities and all the things on offer, which we hope made a real difference to the way people see libraries. We think it did – one lady didn’t know that her baby son was allowed to be a member (everyone is allowed!), and signed up straight away when we told her all about the resources on offer for free for babies and toddlers. She came out with her arms full of books and dvds – a great result!

Thank you very much to everyone who attended and everyone who showed their support, and a special thanks to Alyssa for doing such a great job of spreading the word.

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