Closures Aren’t A Solution (Part One)

The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council published a prospectus in March 2010 with “ideas for the longer term, and advice to avoid ad hoc library, museum and archive reductions and closures”. It can be read here.

Building blocksIt includes ideas for:

  • Distribution of services
  • New governance and delivery models
  • New funding models
  • Making investment more strategic
  • Performance and efficiency
  • Designing services with, and for, diverse communities
  • Creating the workforce that can deliver change
  • Working across local boundaries
  • Re-positioning the service
  • Reaching out to new audiences

These ideas might not work and closures may be unavoidable. However, the MLA state that the key issue is the “quality and consistency of [the library] service and how well it is meeting local needs”. Bessacarr, Warmsworth and Wheatley communities need local branch libraries in order to have equitable access to information, learning resources and cultural facilities, as well as to support social cohesion, democratic engagement and health and wellbeing in the communities. The closure of these branches is not a solution to the financial problems of Doncaster Council.

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